What Type of Makeup Can Cover a Bruise?

Primer or concealer can be used to mask the color of a bruise, depending on the size. Different colors of makeup will cover up the different stages of the bruise.

Concealer can be used if the bruise covers a larger area. A foundation primer can help even out the color in smaller spots. Orange or yellow products will camouflage the bruise if it has a blueish tint. A green shade of make up will lessen the appearance of any redness. As the bruise fades, switch to a light purple-based mixture. Arnica can also help calm the bruise and speed up healing.

Dermablend is a professional makeup line that is formulated to cover bruises, scars, birthmarks, blemishes and tattoos. This product is available in a variety of highly-pigmented shades that blend with all skin tones to accomplish a camouflage effect that covers a host of skin discolorations, according to Dermablend’s company website.

Recognized as a leading camouflage cosmetic line since 1981, Dermablend expertly conceals uneven skin tone, vitiligo and rosacea. Applied to hands, legs and other areas, this award-winning product covers spider and varicose veins. Dermablend foundations, concealers and powders are dermatologist tested, and are rated to be non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free.