What Is the Best Type of Grass Seed to Use in Florida?

The best type of grass seed to use in Florida is one that is accustomed to hot temperatures. Bermuda grass is a common choice for Florida lawns because it is a drought-resistant warm-season grass. Bermuda grass likes full sun and has medium water requirements. With adequate water, it thrives, staying green longer than other warm-season varieties.

St. Augustine grass is another good options for Floridians. It weathers hot, sunny days well, and it doesn’t mind humidity. It can’t tolerate freezes, and isn’t as drought resistant as Bermuda grass. St. Augustine grass needs more water, but it can withstand heavy foot traffic well. Because it grows quickly, it is easy to repair bare spots.

Zoysia grass is another option, but it may not do as well in the southern parts of Florida as Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses. Zoysia grass is the most cold-tolerant of the warm-season grasses, and it tolerates more shade. This grass is fairly resistant to drought and has medium watering needs. While it does well in high-traffic areas, it does turn brown during the winter and is slow to turn green in the spring.

Some types need more water than others, so rainfall or watering capabilities must also be considered.