What Type of Clothing Do People Wear in Brazil?


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Brazilian clothing varies greatly from region to region. In the southern plains, for instance, gauchos, or Brazilian cowboys, often wear baggy "bombacha" trousers and ponchos, along with wide-brimmed straw hats. Meanwhile, the vaqueiros, who are something of a gaucho equivalent found in the northeastern part of the country, are known for their leather chaps and coats.

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In the Amazon, some indigenous populations have been known in the past for their extravagant styles of dress, characterized by feathers, beads and body painting. Women of the Kayapo, for example, one of the better-known rainforest groups, paint themselves and their children with markings resembling those of insects, and especially those of bees, (from which the Kayapo believe they learned the art of living socially). Women are also recognizable from the V-shape shaved into the front of their hair. Kayapo men are known for their colorful feather headdresses, whose radiating feathers are arranged to represent the cosmos. Each of these ceremonial headdresses is complete with a descending rope, meant to symbolize the means by which the first of the Kayapo climbed down from the sky to the earth.

Even among many of these indigenous Brazilian groups, however, contemporary styles of clothing have become more common. Especially in the cities, people in Brazil are likely to wear modern, more internationally-influenced styles of clothing. Attire like jeans, T-shirts, skirts and beachwear are all popular.

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