What Type of Clothing Do Italians Wear?

type-clothing-italians-wear Credit: Kathrin Ziegler/Taxi/Getty Images

Italians wear various types of clothing, depending on the particular occasion they attend, ranging from casual jeans and T-shirts to evening dresses and suits. They are known as a stylish people who take pride in their appearance.

The Italians' appetite for fashions translates into the fact that many of the world's best-known designers are Italian. Italy has various clothing styles that vary from the north to the south. Just like in any other European country, Italians tend to wear clothes that are appropriate for a particular season. The south is generally much warmer than the northern part of the country, with temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and no snow during the winter, so people there usually wear summer and autumn clothes almost year-round.