What Type of Clothes Did the Wampanoag Tribe Wear?

Traditional 17th-century Wampanoag clothing was based on the breechcloth, which was worn by women, girls, men and older boys. Two pieces of knee-length deerskin were belted around the waist. One flap covered the front of the legs, while the other hung down the back of the legs.

During cold weather, the Wampanoag wore deerskin leggings. Women's leggings covered the legs from the knee down. Men's leggings extended from the waist and were belted with the breechcloth. For additional warmth, deerskin mantles were wrapped around the body and often belted. Warmer mantles were made from the pelts of animals like raccoons, otters and beavers. Women also wore wrap-around deerskin skirts secured at the waist. Elk, moose or deerskin "moccasinash," the plural for "moccasin," were footwear for warmth or protection.