What Type of Clothes Did the Hupa Indians Wear?

The Hupa Indians in California enjoyed a warm and mild climate, and dressed with minimal attire, limiting their clothing to loincloths for men, shirts and aprons for women and sandals. Clothing for the Hupa tribe varied for men, women and children. Indians dressed differently for daily purposes and special occasions too, like ceremonies and celebrations.

To protect themselves while staying comfortable in the mild California climate, men wore loincloths or short aprons made from animal pelts such as deerskins, or pieces of animal hides sewn together. Women typically wore long skirts made from tree bark or sturdy fibers, with double aprons featuring a long fit in the back and a shorter front which facilitated walking and moving. The aprons of women's skirts ranged from the waist to just below the knees, and had decorative fringe hems. Men and women wore fur-lined animal wraps, like modern shawls, around their shoulders and necks in cooler weather. Men and women wore deerskin moccasins when traveling, and women sported basket caps to make carrying baskets more comfortable. They wore simple hats for daily chores and fancy caps for special events. Hupa women decorated themselves with a classic tattoo design, featuring three long stripes across their chins. Men and women pierced their ears, and wore shell earrings. The Hupa wore unique clothing for important ceremonies such as the Jumping Dance and White Deerskin Dance.