What Type of Books Are Available From Guideposts?


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Guideposts offers fiction and nonfiction books about Christianity and how to incorporate faith-based values into daily life. Guideposts also sells book for children, romance novels with a Christian theme, and summer reading books and guides. In addition to printed books, Guideposts also offers e-books covering similar faith-centered topics.

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In the fiction category, book styles include mystery, adventure, contemporary, historical and holiday-themed novels. Some novels also tell their stories over a series of books.

The nonfiction category is more extensive and includes devotionals, true stories, memoirs, biblical reference books and prayer books. Books by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, co-founder of Guideposts, also fall into the nonfiction section. This area also includes books about pets, cooking, relationships and personal growth.

Guideposts' goal is to provide readers with the information and knowledge they need to connect with the values of the Christian faith. Peale and Ruth Staffor Peale founded Guideposts in 1945. In addition to fiction and nonfiction books and e-books, the organization publishes two award-winning magazines, "Guideposts" and "Angels on Earth." The organization also participates in outreach programs and prayer groups to help Christians connect with others who hold similar values. The company sells greeting cards, children's products, music and videos through its website, ShopGuideposts.org.

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