How Do You Turn a Fraction Into a Percent?

To convert a fraction into a percent, change the fraction so that the denominator is 100. Multiply the numerator with the number that when multiplied with the original denominator gives you 100. Write down the numerator with a percent sign.

  1. Change the original fraction

    Write down the original fraction with an equal sign to its right. Make a short horizontal line to the right of the equal sign. Write 100 underneath the line, and leave the numerator space empty. Multiply the original denominator with a number x that gives you 100. Lightly write this number below the equal sign.

  2. Find the new numerator

    Multiply the original numerator with the number x that you used to multiply the denominator. Write the result over the horizontal line as the new numerator.

  3. Write the numerator as a percent

    The numerator is the right answer, but you need to write a percent sign next to it. You do not need to divide the numerator by 100. If given the fraction 2/3, make it equal to a new fraction with a blank numerator over 100. Multiply 3 with 33.33 to get 100, then multiply 2 and 33.33 to get 66.66. Write 66.66 percent as the answer, or round up to 66.7 percent.