How Do You Find Your True Passion in Life?


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Some suggestions for how people can find their true passion in life in terms of a career include quitting early when it's not working, following curiosity, not making money the top priority and taking an honest inventory of talents. Discovering one's true passion in life may not be easy, but it can be a joyful adventure in soul-searching.

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One suggestion for finding a true passion in life is to quickly quit careers that are causing unhappiness and move on to trying other careers that spark interest or curiosity. Curiosity can help uncover less obvious interests and helps people explore possible passions that may be offbeat. Money should not be the primary consideration in discovering one's true life passion because many careers that people are passionate about are low-paying but very rewarding. It is also possible for people to work in jobs that they are not passionate about while pursuing their passions outside of work and leading a happy, fulfilled life.

Taking an honest inventory of one's talents involves listing things that one has a natural aptitude for or has learned to do very well. It also can involve thinking about activities that cause a person to lose track of time. People should pay attention to what others compliment them on or what they have been recognized for in the past while taking this inventory.

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