What Is Your True Color Aura?


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A person's true color aura is the color of the electromagnetic field surrounding the body as perceived by people with psychic abilities. A person’s true nature is said to be revealed by this auric field.

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While many discount the ability of psychics to see auras, others believe that all living things manifest a vibrational field that may be perceived as an identifiable color. The color of a person’s aura is believed to signify health, personality and emotional dispositions. Colors often are linked to specific personality traits. For instance, a red aura relates to the heart and can signify strong willpower and sexuality. Practitioners of Kirlian photography claim that auras can be revealed using this photographic technique.

A person’s aura is said to constantly change due to fluctuations in the vibrational nature of auras, which can absorb surrounding energies. However, some techniques, such as visualizing a waterfall, are said to cleanse the aura and remove foreign and potentially negative energies. A person’s true color aura can then be restored.

Religious icons are often associated with having auras, such as the golden halos frequently depicted above the head of Jesus in Christian art. The colors that are believed to have surrounded the enlightened Buddha are represented on the Buddhist flag.

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