What Are Some Troubleshooting Ideas for a Well Pump?

Kohei Hara/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Troubleshooting ideas for a well pump include checking the electrical system, ensuring the structural integrity of individual pump components and verifying that the well’s depth-to-water ratio is compatible with the pump. Another easy troubleshooting idea is to check the piping to ensure that air is not getting into the system.

Many well pump problems happen because of issues with the electrical system. Owners should verify that the electrical system voltage matches the pump’s electrical rating. Other electrical troubleshooting ideas include looking for tripped circuits and inspecting the pump for loose or broken wires.

Motor issues can masquerade as electrical problems. When electrical troubleshooting fails, the motor or the starter may be the problem.

Well pumps come with specific depth-to-water ratings. An incorrect depth-to-water ratio leads to problems such as inefficient performance or the failure to draw water.

The well pump troubleshooting process should include a careful inspection of the pipes and valves in the water system. Stuck valves prevent water from flowing through the system. Cracked or split pipes cause the pump to work at partial capacity. Too much pipe, too many pipe elbows and rusted pipe prevent the pump gauge from operating correctly; as a result, the pump pressure switch might chatter, or the pump might run extra cycles.