How Do You Troubleshoot a Water Leak in a GE Refrigerator?

Troubleshooting a GE refrigerator water leak requires pinpointing the specific problem. Common causes of water leaks include problems with the drip pan, drain tube or water valve, a plumbing issue or a problem with the fill line that runs from the water valve to the icemaker.

The GE website suggests that a user first check the drip pan if the refrigerator is leaking. The drip pan may be viewed by removing the bottom grill. If the drip pan is out of position, it may be repositioned; if it has a hole, it may need to be replaced.

Ice on the floor of the freezer may indicate a clogged drain tube. The defrost drain needs to be cleaned. GE indicates that this should be done by a GE technician.

Individuals should also check the water valve that feeds into the refrigerator. If it is dripping, it may be stuck open or otherwise damaged. GE recommends that a water valve be repaired by a certified technician.

Some leaks may occur when the plastic fill-line that runs from the water valve to the icemaker is split or loose. It may be tightened after first shutting off the water.

Other leaks may be caused by a plumbing issue independent of the refrigerator. Users should examine the water line to determine if it is loose or cracked. A plumber may be able to repair any water line issues.