How Do You Troubleshoot a Toshiba Laptop?

To troubleshoot a Toshiba laptop, simply run the Windows troubleshooting wizard. To do this, press F1. This brings up the Windows Help menu, where you can fix the problem, or take it to a technician if you are unable to troubleshoot it.

  1. Check that the laptop has a charged battery

    Connect the laptop to an electrical outlet by plugging one end of the power cord into its power port.

  2. Wipe down the laptop’s satellite screen

    Use a soft, damp and lint-free cloth to wipe the satellite screen. Moisture, dust and smudges can cause distorted images. Avoid using chemical-based cleaners, as they can permanently damage the satellite’s screen surface.

  3. Disconnect all peripheral devices

    Some devices may not be compatible with the current version of Microsoft Windows installed on your Toshiba laptop and may cause communication errors, software-related glitches and system freezes. Isolate the problem by plugging the peripheral devices back into the laptop one by one until you discover the problem.

  4. Clean the keyboard

    Wipe down the surface of the keyboard with a damp cloth. Clean between and under the keys with a pressurized air canister to remove dust and dirt.

  5. Send the Toshiba laptop for servicing

    Take the laptop to an experienced Toshiba technician. Some problems are associated with the malfunctioning of internal circuitry and hardware.