How Do You Troubleshoot a Toro Lawnmower?

To troubleshoot a Toro lawn mower, check the fuel, spark plug, air filter and battery. If troubleshooting doesn’t work, contact Toro for repair service. You may need replacement parts depending on the nature of the problem, and a computer with an Internet connection is helpful. The estimated time for completion is one to two hours.

  1. Check the fuel, spark plug and air filter

    If your Toro mower does not start, first check the fuel to ensure that it is less than 30 days old. If it is older, replace it with new fuel. If you’re not sure that a spark plug is good, replace it. Make sure that the spark plug wire is connected. Check the air filter. If it is dirty, replace it to reduce wear and keep the engine free of dust.

  2. Make sure that the battery is fresh

    If your Toro lawn mower has an electric starter, charge the battery in the spring and at the end of the summer. If you have not charged the battery at the beginning and end of the mowing season, charge it as soon as possible. Review the operator’s manual for procedures on charging the battery.

  3. Contact Toro for service

    Visit the Toro website to review the interactive manual if your mower doesn’t start after troubleshooting. Find information on the site to contact an authorized Toro service dealer.