How Do You Troubleshoot a Roper Electric Dryer?

Although there are many reasons a Roper electric dryer does not work, troubleshooting should begin with the simplest: making sure it is getting power. If the dryer is not getting power to the terminal block, it does not work. A volt meter offers a quick and easy way to ensure power is available. Other reasons a dryer might not work include overheating and a clogged exhaust vent.

The power block is where the leads from the power cord attach to the appliance. A volt meter should provide a reading of 120 volts between either side terminal and the center terminal. When the leads are touched to the two side terminals, the meter should read 240 volts. If there is no power, potential sources of the problem are the circuit breaker, the circuit, the power plug or the power cord.

Dryers have a thermal over-limit switch at the exhaust. It the machine overheats, this fuse-like switch stops the machine from heating. It requires replacement before the clothes will dry again.

A clogged exhaust vent prevents moisture from escaping the appliance and leaves clothes wet at the end of the cycle. In addition to preventing the machine from working correctly, a clogged exhaust vent creates a fire hazard.

Whirlpool makes Roper appliances, and troubleshooting guides tend to follow the manufacturer name brand, according to These same guides apply to Crosley, Estate, Maytag (after 2006) and most Kenmore dryers.