How Do You Troubleshoot a Kenmore Washer Model 110.92573210?

Troubleshoot a Kenmore Washing Machine 110.92573210 by identifying the symptoms. Check first for the most common causes of the problem, moving down to less likely causes. After identifying the cause, either repair or replace the problem component.

  1. Check spinning components

    If the washer doesn’t spin, check for a broken or incorrectly connected lid switch assembly, motor coupling, drive block, clutch and drive motor.

  2. Identify the cause of loud noises

    Loud or unexpected noises from the washing machine typically occur due to a loose or broken bearing, motor coupling, clutch or transmission. Check these components and repair or replace them as needed.

  3. Stop leaking water

    Water leaks from Kenmore washing machines when components crack or loosen, or when sealant dissolves. The most likely culprits for a leaky machine include the drain pump, tub seal and drain hose.

  4. Fix overflowing water

    Overflowing water is typically due to an improperly functioning water inlet valve or pressure switch. Low household water pressure can also contribute to overflowing.

  5. Stop vibrations

    Unnecessary vibrations are usually caused by a broken stabilizing component. Check for problems with the support brackets, the suspension spring, the snubber pad, the drive block and the leveling leg.

  6. Fix improper cycle timing

    For machines that fail to complete their wash cycle, look for problems with the lid switch assembly, water inlet valve or timer.