What Are Some Tribute Ideas for a Dead Father?

Some tribute ideas for a deceased father are writing a special song, poem or story to memorialize him, creating a slideshow with moments from his entire life, getting a special tattoo in remembrance of him or creating a memory tree. Another idea is to purchase and erect a memorial statue, bench or stepping stone at a place that was meaningful to the father according to Next Gen Memorials.

A child trying to create a tribute to his deceased father should look to the father's interests and hobbies for ideas. If the father had a passion for a particular sport, memorial markers can be purchased at some sporting arenas to pay tribute to the fans who have died. A tattoo is a permanent way to honor someone's father. The tattoo could incorporate the father's name and something that he enjoyed in life.

It can be therapeutic to create a tribute with other people who are mourning the loss of someone they loved. Making a video with pictures from the father's entire life is an idea that requires help from friends and family. Each person can provide his or her favorite photos of the father. The photos can then be put together to make the tribute using computer software.

A memory tree is another family tribute idea. Each person can provide a special written story about the father, a favorite photo or even an item that reminds him or her of the father. These mementos are put together to create a loving tribute to the father's life.