Which Tribes Are Considered Plains Indians?


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The Plains Indians are Native Americans who lived on fertile land along the rivers of the Great Plains and consisted of many tribes. Some of the Plains tribes are the Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow and Pawnee.

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Some commonalities existed amongst the Plains tribes, including their diets, housing conditions, and the religious ceremonies and rituals they performed. Buffalo was the main food staple of these tribes. Most Plains tribes lived in tipis or wigwams. They professed to draw closer to the Great Spirit during their Sun Dance rituals.

There are no major differences between the Lakota Sioux and Dakota Sioux, except the pronunciations of their names. The tribal name Sioux means "The Allies" and is how they refer to themselves when speaking English. The homelands of the Lakota and Dakota are Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. The Sioux are known for their quillwork, beadwork and buffalo-hide paintings.

The Cheyenne Indians call themselves Tsitsistas and currently live in two communities, one in Montana and one in Oklahoma. According to Native-Languages.org, one of the major atrocities in American history, the Sand Creek Massacre, was visited on the Cheyenne tribe in 1864 when an American colonel attacked a congregation of Cheyennes living under government protection. One hundred and fifty tribe members were killed despite numerous attempts to surrender.

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