What Is the Treatment for Tearing Eyes?

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Depending on the cause, treatment for watery eyes may include prescription eye drops, antibiotics for an infected eye, or medications for allergies causing the symptom, states Healthline. Doctors may also recommend putting a warm, damp cloth over the eye a few times daily to improve blocked tear ducts. Undergoing a procedure to repair blocked tear ducts or create a new tear drainage system is another treatment option.

Watery eyes are often temporary, and they usually resolve without medical treatment, notes Healthline. The most common cause of watery eyes is dry eye syndrome, in which the eyes produce extra tears due to extreme dryness. The condition persists if the tears lack sufficient lubricating oils for the eyes.

Individuals who are laughing, yawning or being emotional also tend to experience watery eyes temporarily, explains Healthline. Other common causes of tearing eyes include eye strain, allergies, sinus problems and weather conditions.

Patients experiencing excessive or persistent tearing accompanied with vision changes should seek medical evaluation, Healthline advises. Eye specialists typically perform an eye test to find out if liquid is able to enter the tear ducts. They may also ask about any recent eye injury, existing health conditions, or medicines and supplements a person is currently taking.