What Is the Treatment for a Seed Corn on the Bottom of Your Foot?

If a seed corn is painful, a doctor may treat it by debriding the corn, according to podiatrist Catherine Moyer for About.com. Home treatment can also be done on the corn by using over-the-counter medicines, and then filing the corn away.

One over-the-counter method for removing a seed corn on the foot is corn remover that contains salicylic acid, explains Moyer. These products may cause foot irritation so they may not work for all situations. They should also not be used by anyone who has diabetic neuropathy or conditions that affect the blood flow in the feet, such as peripheral arterial disease.

Using corn pads may also work to remove the corn, states Moyer. Following the application of the corn pad, it is recommended for users to soak their feet for 10 minutes, and then gently file the corn away with a pumice stone or foot file. Seed corns are easily prevented by taking a few precautions with the feet. Elastic toe sleeves protect the feet from friction, which is one of the causes of corns. Another option is to try gel inserts for shoes. These protect the feet from developing corns and calluses, which are another unsightly condition of the feet.