What Is the Treatment for Low Hemoglobin?

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Low hemoglobin count only merits treatment when it takes the form of the disease called anemia, according to Mayo Clinic. The treatment for anemia varies with the cause. Iron deficiency, chronic disease, vitamin deficiency, aplastic anemia, bone marrow disease and hemolytic anemias are the various types of this condition.

The treatment for iron deficiency anemia is alterations in the diet and supplementation with iron. If blood loss is causing the iron deficiency, assuming it is not from menstruation, the doctor looks for the cause of the bleeding and stops it, using surgery when necessary, notes Mayo Clinic.

Vitamin C and folic acid deficiencies lead to anemia, requiring treatment with supplements and alterations to the diet. Anemia of chronic disease has no set treatment, instead requiring the remedy for the underlying disease. When symptoms get worse, blood transfusions are a common treatment, reports Mayo Clinic.

Aplastic anemia requires bone marrow transplants if the marrow can no longer create healthy blood cells but sometimes only needs blood transfusions to increase red blood cell levels. Hemolytic anemia treatment involves staying away from medications that may interact incorrectly, treating concomitant infections and taking medicines that keep the immune system from attacking the red blood cells, states Mayo Clinic.