What Is the Treatment for Edema of the Legs and Feet?

The treatment for edema of the legs and feet includes antihistamines, blood thinners and corticosteroids; surgery; chemotherapy; radiation; and diuretics, notes WebMD. Each of these treatments applies to a specific cause of edema.

Doctors use antihistamines to treat patients with edema of the legs and feet that results from allergic reactions, according to WebMD. Diuretic treatment is suitable for patients with edema resulting from liver disease or a heart disorder. Doctors drain the fluid that accumulates in the leg tissues as a result of blood clots by prescribing blood thinners to dissolve the clots. Doctors treat leg edema related to tumor blockage of blood vessels that cause the interruption of the lymph flow by removing the tumor or reducing its size through surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.