How Do You Treat Low White Blood Cell Count?

Low white blood cell counts are treated with blood transfusions and medications that stimulate production of blood cells, according to Mayo Clinic. If white blood cell counts are low due to cancer treatment, physicians may delay the treatment until blood cell counts are higher.

Physicians typically determine what is causing the low blood cell count prior to treatment, states Mayo Clinic. A patient’s overall health and physical condition is evaluated. Patients with low blood cells counts should eat a balanced diet to increase the intake of vitamins and nutrients, avoid injury that leads to cuts and scrapes and avoid exposure to germs by washing hands frequently. Low white blood cell counts can increase the risk for small cuts to develop into serious infections.

At-home treatments may include increased rest to prevent the body from working overtime with low white blood cell counts, especially during treatment for cancer, according to WebMD. A low white blood cell count may increase a patient’s fatigue and decrease energy levels.

Patients with low blood cell counts may not experience symptoms, according to WebMD. Routine blood tests that monitor blood cell counts are typically ordered by physicians to detect low counts, especially in patients undergoing treatment for cancer.