How Do You Treat a Kidney Hematoma?

Physicians typically treat a kidney hematoma with surgical drainage, as well as antibiotics if the area is infected, notes Mayo Clinic. A kidney hematoma occurs when a collection of blood builds around the kidney and becomes infected. It is a rare complication of the kidney, but can also occur due to trauma, such as from a car accident.

Hematomas form when blood collects outside the blood vessels but does not form a clot. As the amount of blood grows, the hematoma increases. Depending on the size and how fast the hematoma is growing, doctors may choose to wait and observe before initiating further treatment, notes Otherwise, drainage and medication are the common treatments.

The most common cause of hematomas is trauma to the area, such as a fall, bump or cough. Other causes can include anticoagulant medications, infections or autoimmune diseases. Hematomas can occur anywhere in the body, such as ear, bone, kidney, liver and the abdominal area.

When a hematoma occurs after trauma that causes a laceration to the kidney, some of the rental tissue may be displaced but the blood vessels typically stay intact. This often means the patient can be treated using non-operative approaches, such as percutaneous drainage of the area, notes