How Do You Treat a Chronic UTI With Traditional Chinese Medicine?


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Traditional Chinese medicine treatments for a chronic urinary tract infection focus on strengthening the kidney yin through acupuncture and certain herbal remedies, according to HowStuffWorks. The exact treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause of the infection.

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Traditional Chinese medicine also uses more holistic methods of treatment, such as dietary changes. Patients are advised to avoid all sweets during treatment and to eat protein at every meal to change the pH of the urine, claims HowStuffWorks. It also advises lifestyle changes similar to those advised by western medical doctors, including wearing cotton underwear and loose clothing to promote air circulation, and avoiding sexual activity during the treatment.

One of the herbal formulas often used to treat chronic UTIs is Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan, which is a mix of Anemarrhena root and Phellodendron bark, among other ingredients, explains HowStuffWorks. The acupuncture points are generally chosen for urinary and kidney health, including Ren 3 and Spleen 9. However, additional herbal remedies or acupuncture points may be used to alleviate symptoms and treat the underlying cause.

A small study listed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that traditional Chinese medicine may be an effective method of treatment for some people. However, people with decreased renal function may need lower doses of certain herbs for safety. Patients should work with an experienced practitioner and discuss all treatments with their doctors.

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