How Often Does the Treasury Report the National Debt?


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The U.S. Treasury issues a national debt report on a monthly basis on TreasuryDirect.gov. Information on public debt is available from 1869 through the current year. The Treasury Department also enables users to search for the amount of public debt on a given day. The Financial Management Service reports the Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts and Outlays of the United States Government each month at Fiscal.Treasury.gov.

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Debt information from the Budget of the United States is located at WhiteHouse.gov, while the U.S. Budget Office posts information related to the national debt at CBO.gov. The Budget Office also delivers long-term budget projections and estimates for future public debt two to three times per year. It releases monthly statements on spending and revenues.

The term "National Debt" refers to different kinds of debt; one of these is the Public Debt, which is debt securities issued by the Treasury. The Public Debt represents the amount borrowed by the government to pay for deficits. The public holds some of this debt, while the rest is held by government accounts. The Gross Federal Debt consists of public debt securities and some government agency securities.

Public debt is shared between individuals, corporations, the Federal Reserve Bank, foreign governments and other entities. This debt is held in a variety of forms, including Treasury Bills, United States Savings Bonds and Government Series Securities. It decreases if more Treasury bonds are redeemed than issued. Individuals may contribute funds to decrease the debt at Pay.gov, which accepts gifts from bank accounts, credit cards or PayPal. Donors can also assist in decreasing the debt by mailing checks to the Bureau of Fiscal Service.

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