Why Is Transportation Important?


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Transportation is important for multiple reasons that include travel, economic activity and mobility. Travel and mobility are difficult without the use of transportation services, and transportation provides an effective way to transport people and commodities from one place to another place. Methods of transportation include buses, planes, boats, trains, cars and other vehicles. Transportation is important for moving food, furniture, medicine, chemicals, clothing and other valuable necessities.

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Why Is Transportation Important?
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An important aspect of transportation is economic activity. The availability of transportation helps determine the location and success of economic activity. Most industries require raw materials and access to transportation in order to maintain a steady profit. Employees and residents require a method of traveling back and forth to work. Well-developed transportation methods such as rail systems and interstate highways promote economic activity. Improving access to developed transportation increases activity in both rural and city areas.

Transportation is a significant aspect of life that allows products or passengers to go places and conduct business. Most businesses require some form of transportation for daily operations, and those businesses that have minimal transportation options often experience a decrease in business. Commercial businesses that desire access to a high volume of customers should offer a location that is accessible by multiple forms of transportation.

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