How Do You Transfer Cellphone Pictures to Your Computer?

To transfer pictures from a cellphone to a computer, use the phone’s USB cable to connect it to the computer, and then drag the image files from the phone to a file on the computer. If you are having trouble finding the phone on the computer, search for it under Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

When you plug the phone in, the computer recognizes it as a camera. Depending on your operating system, an easy-transfer wizard may pop up. If it doesn’t, find the phone under the list of drives, click on it, and look for the DCIM folder. The DCIM folder contains the images from your phone. If your phone has removable storage, you have the option of using the card. The card shows up as a removable drive instead of a camera, but the photos are still in the DCIM folder.

There are also several ways to transfer pictures over the Internet. You can upload the images to one of many image hosting or social media sites and download them onto your computer from there. Be advised, some sites reduce the image quality by default to save space. Uncheck that option if your phone takes high-resolution images. Emailing the image to yourself is a quick way to transfer, but the attachment size limits this method to only a few images at a time.