How Do You Get Transcripts From High School Online?

To get a copy of a high school transcript, call the school that the student went to and ask which websites have access to student transcripts. Two websites to get a copy of a high school transcript from are and

On, enter the state and a keyword pertaining to the school name and click “continue.” On the next page, enter the name, address, birth date, email address, phone number and the purpose for requesting the transcript and click “continue.” On the following page, enter the last date the student attended the school and whether they graduated, transferred or withdrew, and then click “continue.” On the next page, enter the address the transcript is to be sent to and click “continue.” Finally, the student must sign the document and pay any necessary fees, which may vary.

These websites offer several different options. The transcript can either be official or unofficial. Also, the transcript can be sent to an employer, educational institution, agency or individual. These websites also offer other documentation often used along with transcripts, such as immunization records and graduation verification.

If the aforementioned websites do not provide transcripts from the school of interest, transcripts may have to be obtained by contacting the school directly. Some high schools don’t offer a way to request a transcript online.