What Are Some Traits of the Yuma Indian Culture?


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The Yuma Indians are a farming community that used to speak the Quechan language, lived in earth houses, crafted fine Indian baskets and still have a rich storytelling culture based off of old fairy tales. The Native American tribe now lives on reservations in Arizona and California.

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Yuma Indians are a Native American tribe that lives on the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation. The tribe is more commonly known as The Quechan. Many members of the tribe prefer to be called "Yuma," as this was the name of their tribe in their native Quechan Language.

Young members of the tribe live lives typical of most modern day Native American people who live on reservations. They attend school, have modern amenities and entertain themselves like anybody else. However, some older members of the tribe still try to hold onto their traditional way of life. The community sustains itself on farming and, for this reason, the most common foods are corn, beans, and squash. In the past, the men primarily hunted small game and fished. The tribe still sells traditional Indian baskets and colorful pottery. The tribe has many legends and fairy tales, and both men and women of the tribe learn and pass on these stories. Unfortunately, the Yuma Indians, like many other Native American tribes, face economic hardships and prejudice in California and Arizona.

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