What Are Some Traits of Women in Leadership Roles?


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Women in leadership roles exhibit many personality traits, including strong-willed, assertive, aggressive and purpose-driven. Furthermore, they are persuasive, resilient and capable of handling high levels of stress.

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Good communication is one of the most important traits that a leader must have, and a majority of women leaders are capable of communicating effectively and asserting themselves. Considering the glass ceiling that impedes the progress of most women career wise, a strong will is quite necessary for success. In most cases, the strong will is accompanied by aggressiveness and good opportunity management, allowing the women leaders to maximize their ability to take on difficult opportunities presented to them.

The remarkable levels of achievement are also often attributed to their ability to remain focused and purpose driven, even in the face of challenges. Their ability to tolerate high levels of stress also complements their leadership skills and allows them to remain focused until their target goals are met. Their greater empathetic ability also serves to endear them to their subordinates and co-workers, enabling them create effective teams that share each others' visions. At the same time, research has found that women leaders are more sociable and flexible as compared to their male counterparts.

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