What Are Some Traits of Taurus Men?

Taurus men are typically stubborn and determined, while possessing a love of humor and a desire for financial stability. They enjoy luxury and comforts and may be materialistic and possessive.

Taurus men have an affinity for success and securing a stable and comfortable future for themselves. They typically do not brag about their accomplishments and prefer to let their wealth display their success. Taurus men enjoy the company of other successful individuals, as it helps motivate them in their own endeavors. Taurus men do not enjoy change, preferring to improve upon their existing plans and lifestyle than change them altogether.

Taurus men are not typically impulsive and tend to think of all aspects of their opinions and decisions. They may be quiet and reserved due to their reluctance to be rejected or ridiculed. While they possess a strong sense of humor, they may not enjoy when jokes are directed at them personally. Their possessiveness may cause conflict in relationships if they are overbearing to their partner, making it important for Taurus men to respect their partner's potential desire for independence. Taurus men desire emotional security within relationships and do not typically get angry unless overly provoked. Their loyalty and stability allows them to remain in long-term relationships and provide security for their partner.