What Are Some Traits of Pisces Men?


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From an astrological point of view, Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, giving them an emotional, intuitive and compassionate nature. Their introspective tendencies make them great psychologists or psychotherapists. They are also likely to be successful in arts, show business, spiritual domains and anything that solicits their compassion and dedication. They are easily adaptable to any working place, as long as the atmosphere suits them and as long as competition and rigor are not critical factors.

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In their personal relations, Pisces give a lot of support and appreciation and are very generous and considerate. They are capable of great sacrifice. They surround themselves with people they resonate with mentally and spiritually.

In romantic relationships, emotions and intuition guide Pisces men, which makes them great matches for the other water signs - Cancer and Scorpio. They generally seek commitment and tend to create deep bonds with their lovers quickly. Even though a Pisces man needs to earn someone's trust to open up, once he does, he is loyal and devoted and puts the other person's needs above his own. The Pisces need for stability allows him to partner up well with a Capricorn or a Taurus.

Pisces are very receptive and sensitive to others' feelings and are touched by others' suffering. This makes them tend to avoid harsh realities, and they may develop escapist or self-delusional behavior. In any case, they spend a lot of time being absent-minded and daydreaming.

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