What Are Some Traits of People With Mercury in Sagittarius?

People with Mercury in Sagittarius tend to speak bluntly and impulsively about subjects they are passionate about. Because they tend to have very agile and curious minds, they are passionate about a lot of things. Their enthusiasm can cause them to share these thoughts before they have all the information needed to formulate opinions that can stand up to debate; as a result, they may unintentionally offend their audience.

Mercury symbolizes the mind, communication, language and expression, so it influences the desire for knowledge and life-long learning. However, people with Mercury in Sagittarius have minds so flexible that this thirst for knowledge tends to be limited to the big picture. They enjoy focusing on broad topics, such as philosophy, because they have little patience for getting mired in details. Once they gather enough information to form a broad opinion, they are ready to share it with optimism and enthusiasm, even if that opinion is not well-organized.

The Mercury in Sagittarius personality’s passion for freedom of thought and justice can attract them to jobs in the arts, politics, education and science. Many famous people have Mercury in Sagittarius, including Emily Dickinson, Bette Midler, Jimi Hendrix, Tracey Ullman, Tom Waits, Sir Isaac Newton, Rudyard Kipling, Ben Stiller, Ludwig von Beethoven, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ted Turner, Stephen Spielberg and Neil Young.