What Are Some Traits of a Mars in Scorpio Man?

A Mars in Scorpio man is intense, passionate and emotional. He may look a bit dangerous. He comes across as being self-controlled and observant although he is always at the ready to jump on an opportunity. A Mars in Scorpio man may act obsessively and therefore finds it difficult to forgive and forget. He is propelled on to success because he is competitive and does not give up easily.

A Mars in Scorpio man is quite skilled at reading a situation, so he can make strategic decisions at just the right time. He chooses careers that are full of human drama, preferably dark drama. A Mars in Scorpio man excels in careers such as crime work, healing, the arts, politics and business. He must have work about which he is passionate and for which he is able to confront challenges with ease.

He is intense sexually as well and tends to be sexually possessive. He does better with partners who are as all-or-nothing as he is. A Mars in Scorpio man has animal magnetism and hungry eyes. He is turned on by friction. Famous Mars in Scorpio men include Mel Gibson, Jude Law, Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons.