What are the traits of a male Scorpio?


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According to CafeAstrology.com, the positive traits of a male Scorpio are determination, fearlessness, loyalty, ambition and intuition while his negative traits are jealousy, possessiveness, secrecy, resentment and a domineering nature. A male Scorpio is also stern, curious, keen, serious and has little time for unimportant things.

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A male Scorpio is stubborn, resourceful, hates defeat and enjoys the gains of his labor. He is ruled by Pluto and Mars and is sometimes suspicious and complex. He can also be vengeful, intense and filled with desire. He implements a long-term approach to life, is rarely intimidated and is typically successful in his career.

A male Scorpio may seem unemotional in a romantic relationship but this is for show because deep inside he is cool, calm and full of love. He dislikes losing control and expressing feelings in public. He is a devoted and caring lover who expresses his love through possessiveness. Scorpio males are most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces lovers. A male Scorpio is charismatic and hard to resist. Through their intuition and passion, male Scorpios can become perfect lovers. Male Scorpios have a sense of mystery and provide their lovers with feelings of adventure. The emotional temperament of a male Scorpio makes him vulnerable to stress-related issues.

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