What Are Some Traits of a Libra?

At their best, Libras are generally cooperative, gracious and fair-minded. At their worst, Libras are often indecisive, self-indulgent and carry grudges. Libras prefer being with other people and work well in partners or teams. Harmony, sharing, gentleness and the outdoors are all important to Libras.

The fair-minded and diplomatic nature of Libras influences their desire for things in life to be peaceful and fair. Injustice and violence is not tolerated in Libras as they prefer to focus on balance and symmetry; however, their inability to confront others often leads to avoiding conflict or confrontation altogether.

As an air sign, Libras often have high intellect and a sharp mind. They prefer things of high quality rather than lots of poor-quality items. This desire for material things can sometimes lead Libras to be self-indulgent.

Their cooperativeness makes them great team players, as they are tactful and friendly. A fault of Libras is that some are lazy, preferring others to do the work and make decisions. Although Libras are intelligent and capable, their desire for partnerships and group contact, as well as their indecisiveness, can make them more dependent on others. Often, Libras are easily influenced by the people around them, which can encourage them to change their minds frequently.