What Are Some Traits of a Capricorn Man?

Capricorn men are typically logical, confident and practical. They may be pessimistic and view themselves as underachievers, while taking the safest route toward achieving their goals.

A Capricorn man is goal-oriented, exhibiting patience and hard work to achieve them, even if it takes a long time. He typically focuses on details, approaches new decisions and plans with logic, and is not prone to making impulsive decisions. Capricorn men's ambitious natures and desire for success, as well as the satisfaction of hard work being rewarded with wealth and prestige, serve as effective motivators for them. They do not commonly take risks, preferring a slower, calculated approach to plans and decisions.

Capricorn men have traditional values and typically do not engage in unconventional activities. They prefer stability to unrealistic situations and take a serious approach to their endeavors, allowing them to focus on their current task rather than sporadically jumping to different projects. They may be stubborn, believing their views and methods to be correct in all situations. Capricorn men are good communicators, although they may be withdrawn when meeting new individuals, and move at a slow pace in developing friendships. Their shyness may cause them to be detached from others, although it is typically an emotional defense mechanism to avoid being hurt or manipulated by others.