What Is Traditionally Given As a Gift After Seven Years of Marriage?

The traditional gift given after seven years of marriage is wool or copper. The suggested modern gift given for a seven-year wedding anniversary, as created by the Chicago Public Library librarians, is a pen and pencil set. The flower gifts are freesia and jack-in-the-pulpit and the gemstone gifts are onyx and yellow sapphire.

The gift of copper given for a seventh wedding anniversary represents good luck, fortune and prosperity. Couples can give this gift as a way to say that they are fortunate to have found each other. The gift of wool can be used to represent warmth, security and comfort in each other. Traditional seventh wedding anniversary colors are off-white and yellow, and gifts in those colors can also be given.

For those wishing to purchase copper items as a gift, suggestions include copper name plates, bookends, a telescope, picture frame, bracelet, wind chimes or a decorative copper box. Wool gifts can include a clothing item, such as a wool sweater or scarf. One particular type of sweater made in the Aran Islands of Ireland have a twisted pattern known as "wedding lines" that is said to represent a marriage's ups and downs. If copper or wool gifts are not good options, flowers, or onyx and yellow sapphire jewelry are good options. Couples can also give activity gifts, such as tickets to a concert or movie.