What Are the Traditional Values of Filipinos?

Gilbert Rondilla Photography/Moment/Getty Images

The traditional values of Filipinos are family, strong religious faith, a high regard for self-esteem, and strong interpersonal relationships. Filipinos celebrate many cultural holidays and have many cultural foods such as queso de bola and traditional ceremonial items such as the parol. Their customs stem from a core value system, which focuses on a strong relationship with immediate family.

Respect for the elders in the immediate family naturally leads to respect for authority and the wisdom of elders in general. Self-esteem is a value that is placed in high regard, with many Filipinos being conscious of not only their own self-esteem but the self-esteem of others. They generally avoid confrontation and the harming of the self-esteem of anybody in their immediate circle or otherwise. Filipinos are also very religious. Primarily a Catholic nation, the Philippines is comprised of no less than 80% Catholics. Their value tree stems from the teachings of their religion, which explains the general cultural tendency toward kindness and harmony. Kinship and personal alliances are sealed by baptism, confirmation and marriage. This kinship is referred to as compadrazgo, a Filipino word meaning a godparent status or sponsorship which dates back to the introduction of Christianity in the region.