What Is the Traditional Food for the United Arab Emirates?

The traditional food of the United Arab Emirates features fish, rice and meat as main ingredients. These three ingredients are then combined with a spice mixture of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, rose water, cardamom and dried lemon. A traditional Emirati breakfast includes a variety of bread types.

There are three types of bread commonly eaten in the UAE, which are raqaq bread, yeast bread and al jabab bread. The raqaq bread is flat in appearance and is made using flour dough and water. Once it has finished baking, the raqaq is completed with various toppings, such as ghee, butter, cheer or meat gravy. The yeast bread, on the other hand, is typically served as a treat during Ramadan and is topped with honey, cheese or butter. The al jabab bread is made using normal dough and is topped using honey, sugar or cheese.

Popular dishes in the United Arab Meirates are the al harees, al majboos, al salona and al madrooba. All four dishes contain either fish or meat and uses rich spices to create a wonderful flavor. The al majboos, for example, uses either red meat, chicken or fish as its main ingredient. Rice and vegetables are added during the cooking process to create layers with the meat.