What Are Some Traditional Chinese Customs?


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Some traditional Chinese customs include the celebration of the Lunar New Year, the Moon Festival in fall and considering the color red to be associated with good luck and happiness. Customs differ depending on the area of China, but customs such as celebrations and greetings span across regions.

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Chinese culture puts food in a central position. Even though the standard greeting phrase translates as "you good?", asking a person whether they have eaten is also considered polite. Another example of the importance of food can be found in celebrations. Eating congee and mustard greens at Lunar New Year is seen as a way to cleanse the body for the new year. During the autumn Moon Festival, moon cakes are made and consumed to honor the moon.

The Chinese view three different colors as important. Red is considered the lucky color, representing wealth, fortune and happiness. Black represents evil and sadness and is not proper to wear during festivals or decorate the home with. White is the balance between the two colors and stands for harmony, peace and life. It is often worn at funerals.

The Chinese believe in number symbolism, and eight is considered lucky, as the Chinese word for eight sounds like the same word for luck. Similarly, four is considered unlucky, because the word sounds like the same word for death.

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