What Is the Tradition Behind Amish Beards?

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Amish men grow beards after marriage in accordance with certain scriptures, including Psalm 133:1-2, which states that a man, after marrying, allows the beard to grow. Amish religious customs forbid mustaches because of their association with the military.

The Amish, related to Menonites by their common Anabaptist origins, came to Pennsylvania in the 1800s. Believing in a literal interpretation of scripture, Amish strive to not conform to the world as referenced by Romans 12:2. The Amish religion prohibits modern transportation and electricity and having their photographs taken because of the Bible’s prohibition against graven images. Amish travel by horse-drawn carriage and plow their fields using animals.

The admonition to remain plain extends to clothing. Men wear dark suits without lapels, suspenders and hats. Except for their long-sleeved shirts, clothing fastens with a hook and eye. Women wear long-sleeved solid-colored dresses, black stockings, black shoes and a black head covering if they are married. Women who are not married wear a white head covering.

The main focus of Amish life is emphasis on humility and rejection of pride. They have a strong sense of community and freely assist each other when needed. Children attend Amish schools with home-based religious services held every two weeks.