What Are Some Topics of James Merritt's Sermons?


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Parenting, trust and how people view God are some sermon topics by James Merritt. Dr. Merritt is pastor of the Cross Pointe Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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In talking about parenting, one of James Merritt's sermons discusses what an important task it is. He states that, while childbirth may be painful, the pain of child rearing is even greater. He claims that society is only 20 years away from barbarism because children are out of control, and states that the answer to this problem lies with the parents.

Trust is another common theme in Merritt's sermons. He talks about how, when people are in crisis or mourning, they have to trust in God. He uses the example of elephants tethered by a small chain they could easily pull out. He says that people often stay chained to grief, sorrow and sin when they could get past it by trusting in God.

Another sermon deals with the way people view God. He points out that two sociologists conducted a survey and discovered that the way people view God determines their attitudes about most things in life. Some people see God as a great buddy, their friend in all things. Other people think God is only there to serve their needs. Merritt concludes that it's important not to let others' viewpoints about God cloud his listeners' vision.

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