What Are Some Topics Covered in Speeches by Louis Farrakhan?


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Some topics in speeches by Louis Farrakhan include the education system in the United States, black empowerment and the histories of different racial groups. Farrakhan also frequently speaks about the United States’ international politics.

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Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, criticizes the education system, citing the disjuncture between acquired school and university education and applicable knowledge. Farrakhan claims some accomplishments and notable facts about black history are not well known due to bias in the United States’ educational system, claiming the bias in the education system enhances white supremacy.

Farrakhan addresses the topic of black supremacy by accusing African Americans of getting along with whites, whom he portrays as former slave masters. He comments on the history of African Americans in the United States and their place in the entire American community, claiming that some at the University of California, Berkeley opposed his speaking there because they feared his speech would change the minds of the African American students.

Farrakhan justifies racial violence, urging blacks to retaliate instead of protesting peacefully, which he claims only serves the interests of the white establishment. He urges blacks to fight for their dignity. Farrakhan also alleges that racial hatred could lead to the assassination of President Barack Obama. Farrakhan also accuses the United States of interfering in other nations’ internal affairs.

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