What Are the Top 100 Rarest Vinyl Records?

NME’s list of the top 20 rarest vinyl records has the “That’ll Be The Day” single by The Quarrymen in its top position. The Telegraph’s list of the top 50 rarest records has the “God Save the Queen” single by The Sex Pistols in its top position.

The Quarrymen’s version of “That’ll Be The Day” is valuable because it appears to be one of the few remaining collaborations between Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison from the time before they formed The Beatles. Twenty-five copies of a reproduction made in 1981 are valued at approximately $15,500 each, while the lone remaining copy of the 1958 original was valued at $155,000.

Only 300 copies of the original pressing of “God Save the Queen” by The Sex Pistols were made. Therefore, a mint condition copy is worth $11,650; if the record still has the original brown sleeve, its value rises to $12,425.

Records by The Beatles are usually high on the lists of rarest vinyls. The first pressing of their “White Album” double LP is the fourth rarest record, according to NME, with a worth of $10,870. A mint copy of their debut LP, “Please Please Me,” is the second rarest record, according to The Telegraph, with a value of $5,435.