What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With All the Teeth?

According to European folklore, the Tooth Fairy buries baby teeth in a garden or field outside the children's homes with the hope of new teeth growing back in their place. Additional theories on what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth include making jewelry, grinding the teeth into fairy dust and planting the teeth in her own garden.

The folklore surrounding the Tooth Fairy suggests that in early European times, it was believed that if a witch got a hold of a lost baby tooth, the child would be cursed. Baby teeth were buried in gardens by superstitious parents who told their children the reassuring story of the Tooth Fairy. As the legend of the Tooth Fairy evolved, children all around the world began to "bury" their baby teeth underneath their pillows, waking up to a monetary prize or special gift.

In Indian culture, children throw their teeth on the roof so that they can be taken away by a stork to be buried far away. In France and Spain, baby teeth are left under children's pillows and taken away by mice. The Vikings considered baby teeth extremely valuable and believed they had magic powers. According to legend, the Vikings would "buy" their children's baby teeth from them and create special necklaces to wear as protection.