What Are Some Tools Used by the Hopi Indians?


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Farming implements, looms and spindles, and pump drills are some tools used by the Hopi Indians. Before the European settlers made contact with the tribe, Hopi Indians utilized simple tools for everyday jobs, such as picks made of stone head and wood for mining, simple ledges for irrigation, baked clay and stone pots for baking and cooking, and bows and arrows for hunting.

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The Hopi belong to an ancient agrarian society that practices traditional dryland farming. Before they were introduced to modern farming equipment, the Hopi Indians used simple hand tools, such as a planting stick, to plow, weed and maintain their fields. Although many present-day Hopi Indians use tractors to prepare the field, they still use planting sticks to cultivate the land.

The Hopi Indians use upright looms to weave blankets and cloths, spindles and looms to weave cotton and wool, and their hands to weave baskets and mold pots. They also use a pointed tool to texture their ceramics, carve dolls, and design and produce jewelry.

The Hopi Indians used spears and bows and arrows to hunt for food. The tools were primarily made of wood and stones, but after the arrival of European settlers, they replaced the stone ends of the arrows with metal heads. They also used guns and knives for hunting.

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