Why Are Tools a Symbol for Saint Joseph?


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Tools are a symbol for Saint Joseph because he was a carpenter and is considered a patron saint of carpenters. Saint Joseph is best remembered as the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.

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Little is known about the life of Saint Joseph. Common knowledge of him is derived from the Bible. He is a descendent of David, the former King of Israel. Saint Joseph was a man of great faith who raised Jesus as his son. Joseph moved his family to the small town of Nazareth to protect them from harm. Historians believe he most likely died before Jesus entered into the ministry.

Saint Joseph is celebrated on two feast days. On March 19, he is celebrated as the husband of Mary. On May 1, he is celebrated for his life as a carpenter. In addition to being a patron saint of carpenters, he is patron saint of the dying, social justice, fathers, and the universal Church.

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