Why Does My Tongue Feel Funny?

Some of the most common conditions that can make an individual experience odd sensations on the tongue include tongue injury, thrush, geographic tongue, burning tongue syndrome and oral leukoplakia. If the sensation causes prolonged discomfort, seeing a doctor is advisable.

A funny feeling on the tongue is usually caused by a small injury, such as biting the tongue when eating or after eating or drinking something very hot. According to WebMD, a geographic tongue, which is a harmless condition, may cause unusual feelings as ridges and spots move across the surface of the tongue.

Odd sensations may also be the result of a more serious condition that requires medical attention. White patches that appear on the tongue and cannot be scraped off may be a sign of oral leukoplakia. This is usually a benign condition, but it may progress to oral cancer, so medical attention is required. Thrush, or candidiasis, occurs when Candida albicans, a type of yeast, grows over the surface of the tongue. According to the Mayo Clinic, this often occurs in people with suppressed immune systems. An ulcer or growth that appears on the surface of the tongue and grows slowly may be a sign of oral cancer.